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Here are the major differences between SEO and SEM (+ Detailed Infographic)

SEM and SEO. The difference is that one is primarily paid search and the other is organic search. But they are unique in…
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5 Things you may not know about Semantic search

Search Engines have been evolving at a rapid pace throughout the past few years. The goal has always been to provide the best…
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How to define your target audience and shortlist important keywords?

  Defining your target audience is not a simple task. It is not just about knowing the age, gender and location of your…
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21 Mistakes you must avoid while doing SEO

In the SEO industry, changes happen thick and fast. You need to stay updated about the changes to ensure that your search ranking…
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Link Building Tips

12 Link Building Tips that can take you to the Top

Link building is a task that demands skill and dedication. It is a tough job, that is why very few companies are actually…
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SEO Trends

7 SEO trends that will give you the edge in 2017

2017 is already here and it is time we prepared for the future. The most important part of SEO is staying updated with…
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8 Key SEO Strategies to Master for Success in 2016

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest-evolving industries — what was relevant yesterday might not be relevant tomorrow. Staying on top means being aware…
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