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The 20 Myths about SEO that you may not Know About

        SEO is considered black magic by some. While others believe it to be a mix of art and science…
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SEO Metrics

Learn how to measure your SEO success

We all know the time, money and resources that organizations today are investing to get their SEO right and get them the desired…
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Ranking Factors

The 25 decisive Google ranking factors you need to know about

There are rumored to be more than 200+ ranking factors which Google uses to rate each website. Aren’t you curious to know what…
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7 Off Page Optimization Strategies (Excluding Link-Building)

Off page SEO is not only about inbound links, it is about how the search engine looks at your website and judges your…
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Social Media Hacks

How you can use social media platforms for Link Building?

We are currently living in the age of social media. We find information, read news and spend endless amounts of time on it.…
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Here are the major differences between SEO and SEM (+ Detailed Infographic)

SEM and SEO. The difference is that one is primarily paid search and the other is organic search. But they are unique in…
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5 Things you may not know about Semantic search

Search Engines have been evolving at a rapid pace throughout the past few years. The goal has always been to provide the best…
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How to define your target audience and shortlist important keywords?

  Defining your target audience is not a simple task. It is not just about knowing the age, gender and location of your…
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21 Mistakes you must avoid while doing SEO

In the SEO industry, changes happen thick and fast. You need to stay updated about the changes to ensure that your search ranking…
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How Organic Search has changed over the years?

Rewind 15 years back, when you entered a keyword in the Google search Engine, all you got was 10 blue links. From that…
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