Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to UX for SEO [+ Infographic]

  One of the most crucial areas that you need to focus on to ensure the success of your SEO efforts is the overall User Experience of your website. It is the least complicated to plan, but the toughest when it comes to executing it. But, there is no way…

How to make your Website Bing-Friendly?

  When it comes to search engines, Google is the market leader controlling nearly 50% of the global market. There are very few search engines who can even come close to them in their market dominance. But now that Bing and Yahoo (No.2 and No.3 in search traffic) have come…

SEO Strategies every Growth Hacker needs to know

Growth Hacking is a role where one is constantly experimenting and trying out different ways to increase the user base and conversions for their website. They prefer to use inbound marketing techniques to consistently drive traffic to their landing pages and avoid relying on paid means like advertising and social…

SEO Practices: White Hat vs Grey Hat vs Black Hat

Search Engine Optimization is something that very few webmasters can avoid in today’s day and age. Everybody wants to get to the top of the search rankings, but not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort that it requires. People who are new to SEO often end…

How to do Competitor Analysis for SEO like a Pro?

To get the top in the SEO race, you need to stay a few steps ahead of your competition. For this, you need to analyze everything your competitor is doing. You need to track their important keywords, blogging strategy, backlinks, social media performance and key traffic sources. Let's look at…

Top 12 SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Keyword research seems like a herculean task for many. Yes, a lot of times we all don’t know where to start. It always feels like we are lagging behind our competitors. And even the best in the business, find keyword research to be a tough task that needs time to…

How to do App Store Optimization? (For Beginners)

 There were over 2.5 million Apps on the Google Play Store and more than 2 million Apps on the Apple play store, at the end of  2016. Now you can imagine your App is one small drop in an ocean. Do you worry as to how people will find you?…
On-page vs Off-page

Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO Ranking factors (+ Detailed Infographic)

While one tries to figure out SEO for the first time, they often find it difficult to understand the difference between On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. It has been a hot topic of discussion among SEO experts, webmasters and SEO beginners for a long time. Well, the answer simply lies…

What are the Major Search Engines other than Google?

Do you know how many major search engines exist as of today? You should realize that there are other search engines that are competing with Google and are attracting a significant amount of your market audience. You may also have used one of these search engines long back. But once…

How to do Keyword Research like Sherlock Holmes?

Keyword Search is a still mystery to many. So why not approach it in a way that has not been done before. Let’s look at keyword search through the eyes of the world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. We all know the famous detective, who used logic and observation to solve the…

Visualizing the future of Search like Elon Musk

The field of SEO changes drastically every few years. The future of SEO looks to be highly unpredictable right now. How do we not get excited and scared at the same time by the new search innovations that are changing the landscape of the internet with each passing day? How…

How to Optimize your website to increase speed and performance?

In today’s day and age, you can’t afford to lose your customers. Having a slow loading page is one of the biggest reasons why users leave websites and never come back to them again. When your website loads faster by 1 second, it adds a double-digit traffic and engagement on…
Video Content for SEO

Everything you need to know about SEO for Video content

One thing that everybody in the SEO industry agrees is that there is no substitute for good content. So, everyone from a beginner in SEO to an expert knows that good content will 100% bring in good results for them. But the point they miss is that this content needs…

The 20 Myths about SEO that you may not Know About

        SEO is considered black magic by some. While others believe it to be a mix of art and science that they find difficult to understand. Since it is known that Google algorithm has up to 200 ranking factors, there has always been speculation as to what…
SEO Metrics

Learn how to measure your SEO success

We all know the time, money and resources that organizations today are investing to get their SEO right and get them the desired search ranking. After all, a brand or product is going to be hugely benefitted by the large amount of traffic that is brought in by a great…
Ranking Factors

The 25 decisive Google ranking factors you need to know about

There are rumored to be more than 200+ ranking factors which Google uses to rate each website. Aren’t you curious to know what they are? The web has been filled numerous lists which say they are closest to the truth. But most of them are just educated guesses/assumptions based on…

7 Off Page Optimization Strategies (Excluding Link-Building)

Off page SEO is not only about inbound links, it is about how the search engine looks at your website and judges your authority. Off Page Optimization makes it possible for your website to be seen as informative and resourceful, thereby directly affecting its SERP ranking. The main point to…
Social Media Hacks

How you can use social media platforms for Link Building?

We are currently living in the age of social media. We find information, read news and spend endless amounts of time on it. It is the place where entertainment, politics and breaking news happen. Everyone body is using it, your content will be rated if it is popular, high quality…

Here are the major differences between SEO and SEM (+ Detailed Infographic)

SEM and SEO. The difference is that one is primarily paid search and the other is organic search. But they are unique in the way they can be used to ensure the success of your online marketing plan. Find out which one to use when and what are its distinct…

5 Things you may not know about Semantic search

Search Engines have been evolving at a rapid pace throughout the past few years. The goal has always been to provide the best user experience to its users. It is no doubt the future of search. After all, search engines want to answer your questions in the most aesthetically pleasing…

How to define your target audience and shortlist important keywords?

  Defining your target audience is not a simple task. It is not just about knowing the age, gender and location of your potential users. It is about knowing what they like, what they dislike and what are the problems they face and the what are the answers they are…

21 Mistakes you must avoid while doing SEO

In the SEO industry, changes happen thick and fast. You need to stay updated about the changes to ensure that your search ranking is not affected negatively. The biggest problem that you can face while doing SEO is the myths that keep floating around. It makes it difficult to know…

How Organic Search has changed over the years?

Rewind 15 years back, when you entered a keyword in the Google search Engine, all you got was 10 blue links. From that time to now, the Search Engine Results Page has transformed drastically to accommodate the needs of the users and also maximize profits for the company running it.…
Link Building Tips

12 Link Building Tips that can take you to the Top

Link building is a task that demands skill and dedication. It is a tough job, that is why very few companies are actually successful with it. Link building demands that you have creativity, stay on top of trends and can think on your feet. Sometimes, websites spend huge amounts of…
SEO Trends

7 SEO trends that will give you the edge in 2017

2017 is already here and it is time we prepared for the future. The most important part of SEO is staying updated with the trends and adapting to the constant changes in the SEO webscape. So here, SmartSERP is listing for you the 7 most important trends that will influence…

SmartSERP API released

Hey Folks, SmartSERP API has been released and is now available to all users. The API documentation can be found at http://docs.smartserp.apiary.io/. In order to enable API access, go to http://smartserp.com/settings/api and generate API token which is required for making API calls. The first release has all set of End points…